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Dream Creation Studio is a leading architectural model-making agency based in Pune, India. With over 10 years of expertise, we create stunning models that bring building and development projects to life through meticulous design and quality execution. Our team of skilled model makers, designers, and logistic experts partner with top architects, urban planners, and real estate developers across India to produce models that capture the essence of their design vision. We handle every aspect, from early consultations to ensure the appropriate type, scale and features to smooth project execution and delivery.

What We Do !

We Are Market Leaders as we provide services with


We deliver best-in-class standards for models that only top tier materials and precision craftsmanship can accomplish. Strict internal processes and quality audits enable consistency in flawless execution, material selection, dimensional accuracy, structural integrity and premium finish of every model we fabricate.



Our designers apply an artistic mindset in interpreting client briefs and architect plans to infuse models with ingenuity. We leverage global exposure and in-house talent to ideate innovative techniques that solve complex modelling challenges. Whether nuances in material textures, lighting or landscaping - every model has creative touches tailored to the project vision.


For over 10 years, we are committed to going beyond model making by being deeply invested in client priorities. Our project managers provide end-to-end support through transparency, timely communication and after-sales assistance. By handling logistics excellence in model packaging, transportation and display guidance – we endeavour to strengthen trust for the long run and not just one-off projects.


To set the benchmark as India’s premier architectural model-making specialists
through a commitment to state-of-the-art quality, fostering client trust via bespoke solutions tailored to project needs from concept to completion, and nurturing aninnovation-focused work culture chasing perfection every time.


To be India’s most admired and trusted architectural model-making company, renowned for our creativity, technical expertise, and service quality in bringing designs to life.

Meet our team

Tushar Shilimkar- CEO

Tushar Shilimkar- CEO

Sunita Kataria- CTO

Sunita Kataria- CTO


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